cmswatch's new report on xml tools and CCM vendors
CMS Watch has a new report out that many organizations are sure to want to read. It's called The XML & Component Content Management Report 2008 and it's review of the leading Component Content Management vendors and XML tools on the market today. With all the conversations happening around DITA today and the number of vendors coming out with XML-based solutions, you need to understand the market well to know how to work within it. The 363 page report, completed by CMS Watch in conjunction with the Rockies Group provides a detailed explanation of component content management technology and why it's so important in today's marketplace. The meat of the report reviews 14 Component Content Management Vendors and five XML editing tools. CCM Vendors reviewed include a combination of offerings from dedicated CCM vendors, web content management vendors and Enterprise vendors. Some of these vendors are as follows: * Astoria * EMC Documentum * Vasont * SDL Tridion * XyEnterprise: Contenta XML Tools reviewed include: * Adobe: Framemaker * In.Vision Research: Xpress Author for Word * JustSystems: XMetal * PTC: ArborText Editor * Xopus B.V.: Xopus In each case, you can see custom diagrams and product screen shots, along with comparative product evaluation charts. You can easily see the value you will get by reviewing the table of contents and reading a free excerpt of the report. Considering the price of the report, you will want to be sure this is something you are ready to get serious about. As with all their reports, this is an unbiased review of the CCM technology landscape. It offers suggestions on the selection process (including why you would want to consider a CCM solution) and pricing by vendor. And of course, what report would be complete without a list of Best Practices and Pitfalls to avoid -- in this case, 12 of them. The full enterprise report costs US $1450 for a team license and US $2450 for an Intranet Site License. By the way, if you are only interested in the XML tool review, there is a scaled down version of the report available just for you for US $850 (team license).