Google Delivers Analytics Specifically for Bloggers

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Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics tools in use today; partly because it’s free, partly because it’s fairly straightforward to use. Now Google ratcheting up the analytics game with their latest feature set in the analytics tool shed: Google Analytics for Bloggers.You may remember hearing about the Google acquisition of Measure Map from Adaptive Path back in February 2006. Jeff Veen and his team at Measure Map joined the Google team and helped to redesign Google Analytics interface, including adding in new features like the Website Optimizer. That redesign was launched last May.It’s been fairly quiet on the Measure Map front since the acquisition, but apparently not so quiet in the Google camp. The Google Analytics Team posted a blog entry yesterday that announced the private beta of Google Analytics for Bloggers (formerly named Measure Map).
An email went out to all former Measure Map users telling them their accounts would be transferred to the new application – sans historical data – and they were invited to test the new software.Jeff Veen announced the new Google Analytics for Bloggers reporting interface several weeks ago at South by Southwest and had this to say: “… the team has been hard at work fulfilling our original promise: to help bloggers understand the impact that their blogs are having on the world. To that end, we've rebuilt Measure Map as an integrated feature of both Google Analytics and Blogger. We hope you like what you see."Google intends to work out all the kinks and issues using the beta over the next year before they release it to the general public. When it finally is released it will be an optional reporting tool in both Blogger and Google Analytics.