As you know, the art of graphic design takes investment in training, resources and software. Yet, in today's waning economy, companies are wanting ways to do more with less. Design often falls onto the plate of non-designers, like programmers or information architects in an effort to save money, but can suffer aesthetically, as a result.

Quasar Technologies acknowledges the need for a flexible design solution that allows companies to make simple alterations without obtaining formal graphic design skills. They have created a solution that addresses this challenge. With its Doc-Design Converter, organizations can manage creative assets and collaborate on design work more efficiently by seamlessly converting MS Word documents into InDesign and vice versa.

As much as graphic designers hate to admit that they too are being affected by the economic crisis and don't like being replaced so easily by simple out-of-the-box solutions, at least they can take heart in knowing that there is a solution that provides guidance for those who will be trying execute good design on the cheap.


Yet, this shouldn't a permanent solution for your graphic design needs. Pinch your pennies now, but soon you'll discover that graphic designers are vital to how a company is perceived in the marketplace. While CEOs need not concern themselves with serifs or kerning, having a graphic designer that does can make a big difference.

So take advantage of Quasar's Doc-Design Converter to help you look good in the interim. By automating the conversion of InDesign and MS Word files within minutes, the creative process can be streamlined and a seamless communication between creative professionals and MS Word users can begin.

Sign up is quick and easy and users only pay for files they approve. Those who sign up by February 14 will receive a 20% discount on all pricing packages. For more information, please visit www.docdesignconverter.com