IFRA and mobile e-reading
Recently, we commented that the news publishing industry was eyeing the world of mobile news in an effort to capture a wider audience, as well as revenue. And while there is never a bad time to visit Paris, we wouldn't be surprised if some of the bigger names in news showed up in Paris during September for Ifra. Ifra is the the research and service organization for the news publishing industry, based in Darmstadt, Germany. They will hold an international conference in Paris on September 18 & 19 with the objective to help newspaper companies explore the opportunities for business in mobile e-reading and to identify new ways to develop strong and profitable products in this area. With the marginal success of electronic reading devices (Amazon's Kindle) and their capacity for worldwide expansion, Ifra states that "in a few years time we will see a growing market for this convenient and environmentally friendly way of reading books, news and documents." Those attending Ifra will no doubt conspire about platform, content, services, navigation and design. They will also learn how to better understand business and technology for new e-paper devices, existing solutions and digital information technologies in order to better evaluate the current state of digital technology, industry and audience expectations. Ways to implement business models, and how adapt, evolve and otherwise revolutionize the web-print model will also be covered. Featured speakers will represent publishers and technology developers from Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom. The conference will take place in Les Salons de l'Aveyron, Paris, with presentations translated simultaneously into English and French. Group registration discounts may apply, so register today. The future of mobile web publishing may depend on it.