iPublishCentral Launches

This past October, we covered the launch of Impelys’s iPublish Central, a self-service e-content delivery platform for publishers. Since then, more than 60 publishers have come aboard, from India to Iceland, for the opportunity to promote their brands and titles by way of viral Web marketing.

CMSWire had an opportunity to speak with Sameer Shariff, CEO of Impelsys about the progress, future and impact of iPublish Central.

Enabling Publishers to Monetize Content

No stranger to electronic publishing, Mr. Shariff has been working in the industry for more than 7 years building platforms and gaining an advanced knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry. His goal for iPublishCentral is to build applications that allow publishers to monetize their content.

His platform is chock-full of widgets, which users can create and then use to push their books in the marketplace seamlessly in the margin of popular blogs and social media. Readers can sample pages, share pages with others or purchase electronic copies of the book, through their preferred distributor, be it the large wholesaler or a local retailer.

Learning Opportunities

Publishers of All Sizes Use iPublishCentral

Publishers large and small have not only signed upfor iPublishCentral, they are all benefiting from the many ways it allows them to post titles on social media outlets like Facebook and MySpace and share it with other users.

From the small publisher in Bangladesh, who recently joined, to the academic publishing powerhouses, Shariff is seeing a continued interest across the board. And as a result he is offering more. Reports are available to customers so that they can gauge their progress and success, and can tweak and create better strategies as they go along.

The Future of iPublishCentral Web Publishing

Mr. Shariff seems very content to continue to work and perfect the iPublishCentral model before launching other ventures into magazine and newspapers, an industry that could benefit greatly from this e-publishing platform.He says that he might want to diversify but wants “to be disciplined” in his focus.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to iPublishCentral is Shariff’s dedication to understanding challenges facing the publishing industry. iPublishCentral is not simply a way to capitalize on the struggling industry, but a whole-hearted attempt at helping to improve it, and offering publishers a viable way to help themselves.