MadCap: New Search Optimizer, DITA Product Roadmap
MadCap Software, a company madly caps-over-heels about integrated applications for content management and delivery, released MadCap Search Optimizer and free MadCap Toolbar. In addition, the vendor added support for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard to its roadmap in order to provide users with authoring and publishing tools for creating, managing, translating and publishing DITA content.

New Search Optimizer and Toolbar

The Search Optimizer extends MadCap's WebHelp search to browser-based Help systems. Now, authors can continue to build their Web or Intranet documentation using Adobe RoboHelp, ComponentOne Doc-to-Help, WebWorks Publisher and Author-It; while still preserving WebHelp search capabilities. The MadCap Search Optimizer automatically creates a WebHelp search database, which is then downloaded and accessed by users via the free MadCap Toolbar. This way, the return of search results can occur almost instantaneously. With the MadCap Toolbar, users can also conduct wildcard searches, in which only part of the search term is known. Other advanced search features include the ability for users of browser-based Help systems to receive search results based on relevance (instead of simply by alphabet), expand or collapse the WebHelp table of contents and freely remove search highlighting. In addition, the MadCap Toolbar has the following productivity features:* Screen Capture using some of the more basic features from MadCap Capture* Personal Vault for securely storing and easily accessing confidential data, such as credit card information, passwords, and form data* Web Search via a drop-down menu for single-click access to Google, Yahoo!, and MSNThe MadCap Toolbar can run on Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and is free for all users. The MadCap Search Optimizer is available for US$ 449.00. Both the MadCap Search Optimizer and MadCap Toolbar can be downloaded here.

MadCap’s DITA Product Roadmap

Late last month, MadCap Software decided to support the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard. Not sure what DITA is? Check out an overview of DITA here.With focus on DITA, the MadCap products will use MadCap's XML editor, which provides a graphical user interface for creating featured documentation that hides the XML being generated. In the first phase of its DITA initiative, MadCap Software will add DITA support to four products:# MadCap Flare# MadCap Blaze# MadCap Analyzer# MadCap LingoWith MadCap Flare and Blaze, authors will be able to import DITA projects and topics as raw XML content. Then, they can use the XML editor; change the style sheets to get the desired look and structure.Authors will then have the option to publish the output as DITA content; print various formats, such as DOCX, XPS, Adobe FrameMaker, PDF and Adobe AIR; and a range of HTML and XHTML formats MadCap Analyzer will work directly with DITA topics and projects to allow authors to analyze and report on the content. Similarly, MadCap Lingo will import data directly from DITA topics and projects, so that it can be translated. The translated material can be published as DITA content or exported to a Flare or Blaze project. In the second phase, MadCap will enable authors to natively create and edit DITA topics in Flare and Blaze, as well as MadCap X-Edit, MadCap's software family for creating short documents, contributing content to other documents and reviewing content. Like Flare and Blaze, X-Edit will also support the ability to import and publish DITA information. In the third phase, MadCap will add DITA support to its forthcoming MadCap Team Server. This will make it possible to manage and share DITA content across teams and projects, as well as schedule DITA publishing.