MySpace profile version 2.0
You’re probably all aware that MySpace has been losing the social network popularity contest as of late. In what seems like an attempt to get back into the game, they recently released Profile v2.0. The two most significant changes included in this optional upgrade are advanced privacy options and the near complete adherence to W3C HTML standards. Granular privacy controls allow users to assign different privacy settings to different sections (something Facebook still lacks). Other new features include drag-and-drop profile customization and a handful of themes that are only marginally more impressive than the ones available for version 1.0. Unfortunately for MySpace, word on the street is that in spite of the new privacy features and the ever exciting column width customization option, users don’t really like it. Complaints heard ‘round the Webverse include that the resizing doesn’t work, many of the layouts offered on free customization code sites aren’t compatible and that it sucks in general. Fortunately for users, MySpace will save old profiles for a total of 90 days, and should you want to switch back you can do so at any point during that timeframe. Interestingly, MySpace doesn’t make it exactly easy to switch back, as the button to do so is misleading. Of course, complaints have surfaced about that as well. Love it? Hate it? Got a better reason than, “It’s cool” or “It sucks”? Let us know.