Packt Publishing, open source
Packt (pronounced Packed), published its first book in April 2004. From then on, they began to publish books on specific technologies and solutions, allowing developers and administrators to adapt and customize today's systems, applications and frameworks. Their dedication to open source has been apparent through their awards for "The Best Open Source CMS”, and their numerous books covering the ins and outs of a number of open source technologies and content management systems like eZ Publish and osCommerce. And now their dedication to Open Source goes even further. Packt Publishing announced that its donations to Open Source projects have surpassed the US$100,000 mark. After making its first donation to the phpMyAdmin project in April 2004, the company provided sustained support for over thirty different open source projects. Packt has initiatives like the Open Source Project Royalty Scheme, where projects benefit from the publication of a book, receiving a percentage of every copy sold and the Open Source CMS Award, which enters its third year. As its name suggests, is designed to support, recognize and reward Open Source Content Management Systems. Funds generated by Packt are used to help companies with a variety of needs from server infrastructure to the organization of events. And since many Open Source projects survive largely on financial donations and support to cover the essentials that keep them running, it's clear that Packt understands not only the free spirit of open source, but its relevance as well. Packt's contributions are invaluable to helping to expand new projects while sustaining technologies. Have a look at some other open source books they have recently published like Typo3, Plone, Joomla, and Mambo, just to name a few. Learn more about Packt Publishing and its donations to Open Source.