Publishers, Kick-Start iPad Presence with Mediaspectrum
Looking to enter the iPad apps market? Good thinkin'. With over 3.3 million devices sold in the last three months, it's hard to refute the ostensible future of reading. To help your transition into the digital world, Mediaspectrum today released Adrenalin, a tool publishers can use to build branded news reader apps that feature the holy trinity: dynamic content, integrated advertising and subscription management.

Dynamic Content  

As the backbone of Adrenalin, Adrenalin CMS takes all content (stories, photos and videos) directly as XML/RSS feeds. After the app is downloaded, Adrenalin CMS dynamically updates the content using parameters established and maintained by the publisher, and continually refreshes content while users are online. 

As for look and feel, the tool enables publishers to create news reader apps that include a customized icon, splash screen, and logo. Users also have the freedom to select fonts, colors, and content categories for further personalization. 

Integrated Advertising

Adrenalin also includes an integrated ad sales system, which features a portal that can be accessed directly from the publisher's iPad or through a Web browser. The easy-access system enables advertisers to schedule, target, and manage ad delivery, setting ads to target either single application or a specific group of consumers.

Digital Subscription Management

Last but not least, there's money to be made. Once a readers downloads the app (for free), publishers can present them with customized subscription packages from within the app itself. By offering a built-in subscription management system, publishers can toss the whole one-time app fee to the wind, and replace it with a recurring revenue stream that best fits a reader's habits.  

"As the transition from traditional computing to tablet and mobile devices continues to evolve, publishers are given the rare opportunity to reinvent their businesses," said Scott Killoh, CEO at Mediaspectrum. "To succeed, these companies must build their mobile strategies on a platform that can handle it all."

The platform certainly seems like it can handle a substantial load of information, and even features a few of the popular social media tactics we've come to expect. Check it out in action: 

As with their digital subscription plan, pricing for the Adrenalin platform varies. Mediaspectrum claims that it can start as low as zero, with a small percentage cost for the revenue it helps facilitate.

Keeping the Publishing Industry Alive

As we move deeper into the digital and information sharing age, publishers are scrambling to find ways to stay afloat. Moving to mobile platforms seems like the next logical step, but as we saw in the recent death of Bloglines, it takes more than a simple RSS feed to appease a today's audience. Mediaspectrum's all-in-one solution seems promising, and could be just what the news industry needs. Go, check it out