Quintura Gives Publishers Advantage with Enhanced Site Search Tools

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quintura semantic search
Recently, we announced Quintura's plans to launch their new site search tool in the US. Now, Quintura, provider of next-generation site search solutions for online content publishers, has announced the debut of several new features of Quintura Site. The updates are aimed at maximizing user experience and performance, as well as enhancing back-end analytics for publishing affiliates.Quintura Site Search offers web publishers a site search platform with intuitive, visual search and navigation based on neural networks for users. Offering itself for free to web publishers through an advertising revenue sharing agreement, Site Search is also available on a subscription basis. Its Search Cloud feature is a dynamic cloud of related search terms or tags that help to easily refine or narrow down a search query. Some of the new updates work to enhance the cloud with Flash technology, creating a more dynamic user interaction.Other features of Quintura’s site search solution receiving enhancements are:* Search Cloud Customization – Web publishers can now customize the Quintura search cloud on their site, utilizing new layout options and the ability to pre-populate the search cloud with desired search terms or content.* Improved Analytics – Offers real time analytics for online editors, including queries, volume of results, term rankings and clickthroughs. This data can now be further sorted using a term or date filter, and can also be displayed graphically.Founder and CEO of Quintura, Yakov Sadchikov is confident that the new features will not just enhance the functionality of its site search, but it will make it “more dynamic and interactive than ever for both site users and online publishers”. With publishers having more access to up-to-the-minute analytics and control over their site search capabilities, Quintura believes that their search gives them a competitive advantage.Learn more about Quintura at http://www.quintura.com.