Quintura Search Comes to the US
Back in February, we reported about Quintura Site Search, a "snazzy new search tool" in private beta. Well, private no more. Quintura, site search provider, has officially launched its new search tool in the US and has been awarded a patent for its "see and find" semantic search technology. Quintura has developed a hosted site search platform built to provide intuitive, visual-based search and navigation for site visitors.Using a dynamic tag cloud to search deeper into an area, Quintura hopes to engage users in "site search far more than ever before, resulting in additional page-views and click-throughs." Such a notion will be appealing to web publishers who can add Quintura's hosted solution for free. Quintura site search can be immediately implemented to monetize banner ad placements along with sponsored ad links and aims to increase advertising revenues by delivering more ad impressions driven by users' behavior as they mouse over keywords in the Quintura cloud.
Quintura Search

Quintura Search
Currently, Maxim, Russian Newsweek and Cosmopolitan magazines have implemented the visual-based search online and more than 1,000 publishers have registered to use it. At present, Quintura boasts a monthly audience of 10 million site visitors.

The Age of Semantic Search

Quintura's search tool is just the latest among new internet search technologies focused on the semantic search and they are very confident that it will "permanently change how users interact with their search engine." Certainly, Quintura's patent for their use of "neural network techniques" will pave the way for improvements to the accuracy and relevance of search results. For web publishers, Quintura's launch adds new features including enhanced back-end analytics for its publishing affiliates, as well as new analytical tools aimed at giving publishers real-time access to their site search information, including search term rankings, trends, and analysis for identifying new content requirements based on search interest.Learn more about Quintura at http://www.quintura.com.