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  • Quintura Boosts Web Publishers' Click-Through Rates

    Web publishers should feel pretty special. Despite their fellow print publishers' concerns about their imminent demise, Web publishers are being catered to with new tools and applications that let them increase their presence on the Web along with increasing their revenues.

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  • Free Site Search From Quintura Comes to the US

    Back in February, we reported about Quintura Site Search, a "snazzy new search tool" in private beta. Well, private no more. Quintura, site search provider, has officially launched its new search tool in the US and has been awarded a patent for its "see and find" semantic search technology.

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  • Quintura's Semantic Search for Websites

    Russian search engine Quintura has thrown its hat into the website search ring with a snazzy new search tool. Currently in private Beta, Quintura Site Search delivers the same search navigation principle to website search that brings to Web searches;searching content through a dynamic tag cloud that brings you deeper into the query with every click. The technology is built on semantic principles which

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