Reuters Lab Opens Content Through API

2 minute read
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Further proof that innovation breeds more innovation, Reuters has announced that it's making news content available to the developer community through the use of a non-commercial API. The service will be offered via Reuters Lab, a test site where Reuters can showcase some of their latest product innovations and developments and where users can discover, use and comment on products and services still in progress.The Reuters Lab is a part of the Reuters Spotlight service, which provides a non-commercial community platform "to allow users to innovate and develop their ideas by harnessing the content Reuters publishes". It includes news, video, pictures and multimedia articles and provides access to Reuters content through standards based XML APIs feeds and provides a community around them to showcase, share and collaborate around ideas.By taking Reuters news and creating applications around it, Reuters is demonstrating its commitment to online media – something which has dismayed even the most successful print media. Taking advantage of available technologies for content sharing, as evident by theirpartnership with Mochila, Reuter's initiatives aim to reach out to more audiences within the developer community. Yet, does this new API compromise the very essence of their existing partnership with Mochila? The party line seems not to think so, as it is has already stated that "the new API offering is non-commercial; there shouldn't be too much of a conflict of interest". Overall, the Reuters API is a hopeful application. Putting the news to good use is always the focus of content management and it's nice to see new initiatives come to fruition.