Reuters Joins the Mochila Marketplace

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Last month we reported that Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for print, video, and photo content, announced a partnership with Clickability. This development created "a broader distribution channel for client content" and "an outlet to earn money via Mochila’s innovative AdMatch program."With access to Clickability's clients, including NBC, CNN, Editor & Publisher, and the Wall Street Journal, who would have thought the pot could get any sweeter? Here's a big lesson for us: the pot can always get sweeter. On Monday Mochila announced that Reuters, the global information company, has joined as one of its premier content providers.Like other members of Mochila’s marketplace, "Reuters will syndicate its comprehensive content to publishers across its various product lines, including its vast media library, which contains news content, research, photos and videos. Reuters will make its content available through Mochila’s innovative AdMatch program." By providing its content to Web publishers for free, Reuters will in return earn a percentage of the advertising revenue that accompanies that content. With what has been deemed the iTunes of the Web publishing world, Mochila's marketplace offers a one-stop shopping initiative for all types of publications, from larger media outlets to blogs. In exchange, those that provide content will not only benefit from revenue generated, but from increased access to their content across a variety of diverse distribution channels. Brava to Mochila for helping revive the ailing Web publishing market, and kudos to Reuters for having the keen sense to ride the changing tide.