Mochila and Clickability Partner to Sustain Online Publishing

2 minute read
Marisa Peacock avatar
The online marketplace, where publishers, editors and advertisers shop for quality content, just got a boost. Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for print, video, and photo content, has announced a partnership with Clickability, a leading content management platform. This partnership gives Clickability clients the ability to syndicate content to other publishers. The goal is to create a broader distribution channel for client content and provide them an outlet to earn money via Mochila’s innovative AdMatch program. With AdMatch, Clickability clients will earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the advertising-supported content integrated into their site. Publishers can also license content to other websites for a one-time fee.The partnership seems logical when you consider that Mochila prides itself on building models that enable the monetization of content - something publishers seem to have a lot of trouble doing. And Clickability's solutions often turn the management of content into a competitive advantage. Specifically, Clickability allows web publishers to guide content through the entire content management cycle, from creation, to publication, to distribution, to interaction, to measurement. With such a comprehensive system, Mochila members are bound to benefit from selling and republishing rights-managed data. In the dynamic content space, demands for online publishers are constantly changing and evolving. So collaborations between those who help publishers find content (including photos and videos), and those who help manage and publish it, ensures the industry will thrive, or at least sustain itself. Additionally, Mochila may have guaranteed itself business for life with access to Clickability's customers, who include NBC, CNN, Editor & Publisher, and the Wall Street Journal, media outlets that are always in need of fresh information. This is not to say that Clickability hasn't benefited as well; they'll earn money from revenue generated from content they helped publish. Now that's a partnership.