Social Media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Have a look at the big stories over the past week (...and a bit), in scan-friendly format.

Wikipedia Updates To Get Editorial Approval?

Wikipedia is apparently considering a fundamental rethink on how articles are updated. Mashable reports that 'Flagged Revisions' would mean that 'no changes will appear on Wikipedia without the approval of an expert.' Where's Batman when you need him to solve a Big-Brother-type emergency? Oh yeah-- he took his eye off the ball and is whooping it up in Hollywood. You sold us out, man.

Google's Second Life

Google launched Lively last week, which is a 3d, avatar-based social environment. A Second Life clone, then? Not really. It's not nearly as extensive for one thing, and secondly after an initial download, you interact with Lively environments via your browser. Instead of going to a specific website or using a client, the Lively environment plugs in to existing social websites like Facebook and MySpace, and offers 3D, avatar-based interaction there. This thing has been under development since at least January 2007, and it seems like a slow-burner which Google will build out over time. If you want to embed it to your Facebook profile, here's how.

Twitter Acquires Summize for ?US$15m

Twitter recently got a timely VC cash injection of some US$18m, and has promptly gone and bought the excellent Summize search engine which ran off the Twitter API. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Anyone got a star-spangled banner and 18 cannons we can borrow for the service?

iPhone App Store

Last week was all about the 3G iPhone launch and (less so) about the new iPhone apps store at iTunes, and there was a predictable burst of activity on the Social Media applications front. You can read all about the great social bits'n'pieces here, which include the much-admired Twitterific client and MySpace and Facebook apps (although RWW reckon you're better off using Safari to interface with Facebook.) If you want to develop for iPhone, you can buy the SDK for non-commercial applications for US$99, and the enterprise, commercial-oriented license for $299. Now this isn't exactly big money. Yet it's indicative of the same old, erroneous thinking which has marred Apple's progress since forever. Although this blogger loves Apple and gets the popcorn in every time a new Stevenotes hits YouTube, he reckons the Android model will ultimately stomp iPhone's guts into the ground, douse petrol on it, burn it and urinate on the ashes. The more open platform will prevail, and the extraordinary ingenuity which the Android community is already showing in terms of applications will leave the iPhone apps store looking like a condemned, rat-infested charity shop. Implements Twitter API

We talked about the other week, a hot-shot open-source microblogger which is stepping in on Twitter's turf. The latest news in this rapidly evolving story is that the Canadian outfit has gotten 'round to implementing the Twitter API. Dave Winer explains why this is significant: "Being compatible with Twitter is the developer-friendly thing to do, it means we will only have one code base to maintain. It's good for users, because they have choice, they can use either Twitter or, and not have to make a choice on tools. It's good for because they instantly get a base of apps that work with their service. I'd argue that it's even good for Twitter, because it helps to solidify a standard with them as the market leader." "So we can check a very important item off's to-do list. Next items: 1. Allow any developer to hook into the full flow of through XMPP, and 2. Demonstrate interop across a federation of deployments"

Tweets of the Week

Tweets this week come from Twistori, which is a cool site running the Summize -- sorry 'Twitter Search' -- API (with some Javascript) to scroll random real-time Tweets which incorporate emotionally charged keywords like 'I Love', 'I Hate', 'I Think', 'I Feel'. It's great, if you have the stomach for a never-ending stream of human misery. The Tweets are all anonymous, which is a shame as some of these people could really do with an intervention: 'It was just another day. I FEEL nothing. Soon I will forget everything.' 'I WISH I had an ice-cream :(' 'Is it pathetic that the only person i FEEL like really even gives a crap about me is my boyfriend? I FEEL invisible to every other human ...' 'I HATE being a chick' 'I HATE my boss so much that when she yelled at me last week, I immediately went out and dropped $400 on a Wii. I am now overdrafted.' 'normally I LOVE mustard, but after changing so many diapers with stuff that looks like mustard, not so sure right now....' 'I LOVE boobs ...' 'I HATE CSS. I call myself an idiot savant at web design, but these days the emphasis is all on the idiot.' 'I BELIEVE that what does not kill you makes you a little stranger' 'I BELIEVE in dreams, i just get hung up on how to make them come true.' 'I HATE twitter. if you followed me here, please know that twitter is a waste of time and they my dislike for it defies reason.' 'I HATE it when cute guys have hair cuts that scream "I'm a republican"'