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Stirring up the vibrant web publishing game is WoodWing, a company we haven’t mentioned in a while. The last time we spoke of them they were playing around with Alfresco and partnering for Smart Newspapers.

This time they’ve brought to the table the latest version of their flagship product, the somewhat awkward to pronounce Enterprise 6 Content Publishing Platform and they are building new and interesting bridges with their pluggable repository architecture. Let's take a quick look at how they're evolving the web publishing side of our landscape.

WoodWing Plays with the Big Boys

Whether your final destination is print, online or mobile devices, WoodWing’s got your back with Enterprise 6. The three-tiered content management and publishing system connects to Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Web content management systems and a slew of third-party applications.

Arguably the most exciting update with v6 is a new editing application called Content Station. The app allows content to live up to its full distribution potential thanks to some nifty article planning tools, direct access to any type of content repository, and integrated Web delivery functionality.

Accessing Content Across Repositories

Ease of content repository access has been all the rage these days. The announcement of the Content Management Interoperability Spec (CMIS) late last year has put a delightful new spirit of collaboration and innovation into the global content management community.

WoodWing Enterprise 6 claims to offer integration with "any type of content repository". In this release we see out-of-the-box integration with web content management system super star, Drupal (news, project site). But they have a series of other plugins that enable repository access.

We had a chance to exchange a few words with WoodWing's President, Erik Schut, and we probed him a bit as to whether or not the company was working on CMIS repository support, as it seemed a  perfect fit for their integration ambitions. 

Erik stated that they currently do not have out of the box support for CMIS repositories, but that thanks to their plugin architecture, they can quickly add such support. Erik further explained that WoodWing had just recently made contact with OASIS and that that they now have plans to offer a free CMIS connector for Enterprise 6 sometime in the next few months.

Good, Great, Greater

Content Station grinds with Enterprise’s new server plug-ins to allow users to search, select and retrieve content stored in other third-party repositories. From a single user-interface, video, audio, images and text files can be collected, edited and set for delivery to a variety of outputs.

Not fancy enough for you? What about a built-in XML editor? This feature allows authors to create documents intended solely for digital output. Or how about a content planning application that lets managers assign content to users both inside and outside of the office?

The kudos are piling up, especially now that Enterprise fraternizes with Drupal, and soon with CMIS talkers.

Adobe InDesign Integration Too

Right--additional features in Enterprise 6 address print industry-specific needs in InDesign, such as:

  • Jumping articles from one page or document to another 
  • A plug-in called Smart Image automates importing of XMP metadata from images into text frames 
  • InDesign documents can be saved as Layout Modules which can have their own workflow and be reused in multiple layouts

Good Game

After going for more than year without a peep we deemed mentionable here on CMSWire, WoodWing comes back hard. The updated content publishing platform is a different move for a company whose headlines usually consist of collaboration and more collaboration.

For additional info, demos and other fun jump over to WoodWing's site here