Wowza CDN Media Services
Wowza Media Systems, a software company that focuses solely on media servers, announced the availability of Wowza Media Server Pro Subscription Edition. This new product features "friction-free" monthly subscription licensing for its industrial-strength media server. The goal is to make the process of streaming or hosting flash media services a "painless" and cost-effective option.

A Subscription Model for Dynamic Media Services

Many of the options featured in the Pro Subscription Edition focus on flexibility and cost management, allowing customers to pay a low fixed per-server monthly fee that declines as volume is applied, rather than the standard pay-per GB (an amount that can add up after awhile). Wowza is hopeful that this subscription model will enable customers to produce and host dynamic media, such as flash-based streaming, without having to break the bank. As rich and social media grows more popular, viral and substantive, the need to provide extensive media options to customers is vital. Providing customers an opportunity to capitalize on the social media market without huge financial ramifications is a smart, viable option in these financially woeful times.

Wowza Lets Service Providers Offer Flash Services

Wowza doesn't just offer an inexpensive product. The Pro Subscription Edition also includes exclusive functionality that enables service providers to offer Flash services for their customers as well. It provides instant scalability for server infrastructures, the ability to add H.264/HE-AAC RTSP/RTP and MPEG-TS encoder support, as well as rich Java plug-in capabilities and support for DTV and IPTV broadcasters. Wowza Pro’s exclusive SHOUTcast-to-Flash streaming capability is "a no-barrier way" to offer services to Web radio netcasters targeting larger audiences without having to invest in Flash-compatible technologies.

Free Tools to Create, Operate and Grow Services

By offering numerous free tools, such as the Centralized Management Utility, a Live Stream Monitoring Tool and a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Wowza also works to reduce friction for creating, operating and growing services efficiently. Available immediately, Wowza Media Server Pro Subscription Edition starts at US $65/month for the first Wowza Media Server Pro server instance and lower pricing for subsequent instances. Learn more at