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Online advertising is a huge business, that's a no brainer. But those of us who have dealt with the inner workings of the online ad world know that there is much room for improvement in the management department. Purchasing, selling and managing impressions alone can take weeks of time, when they really probably shouldn't. But cheer up, young publisher, Yahoo! wants to help. To the cynics, Yahoo! also wants to increase its perceived value to force Microsoft to raise its bid to purchase it, but that's for another article. Anyway, Yahoo! is moving forward with plans to release their new ad management system, dubbed AMP!. It's a web-based, online advertising management platform that they say will simplify the process of creating, buying, and selling ads online. Yahoo! claims that their Web-based system will help advertisers more easily target users around the world while allowing Web publishers to make more money from their targeted content. It will also help advertisers buy ads across search, display, local, mobile and video inventory through one integrated interface. "While online advertising grows more sophisticated, the process of doing business today is surprisingly cumbersome and manual," said Hilary Schneider, EVP, Global Partner Solutions, Yahoo!. "AMP! from Yahoo will enable advertisers and publishers to connect with each other and their exact target audiences across the increasingly fragmented Internet, in a way that's not possible with current solutions." Yahoo vs Google Ad Manager So what exactly will it do, and how will it differentiate itself from Google's recently beta-released Ad Manager -- a direct result of their $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick? Google's Ad Manager is a free hosted ad and inventory-management tool that helps publishers sell, schedule, deliver and measure their directly sold and network-based ad inventories. Both Ad Manager and AMP! share nearly identical goals, but where AMP! may have the upper hand is in automation of tasks and linkup between buyers and sellers. AMP! Electronic Marketplace One of AMP!'s big selling points is its electronic marketplace in which leading newspaper publishers will list their available impressions. You will be able to buy up impressions across all of their sites as well as Yahoo's! -- like a stock market for ads. AMP! also claims to give advertisers the ability to zero in on consumers within precise demographics, geographic areas, and behavioral patterns. The system is due to be launched in the third quarter of the year. Until then, Yahoo! has posted a video preview of AMP!, that underlines the current problems with delivering advertisements and AMP!'s proposed solutions. You can check out their press release here.