The SharePoint Virtual Summitwill be May 16. 

Thefree, global online event will show users how totake advantage of SharePoint, OneDrive and the rest of the Office 365 collaboration toolkit to create a connected workplace, Seth Patton, general manager for Office 365 product marketing,explained this week.

At last year’s summit, Redmond, Wash.-basedMicrosoftoutlined its roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as a few other things which have now been released, including the SharePoint mobile app, SharePoint Team Sites and, of course, Microsoft Teams.

This year,according to Patton, attendees will get an updated roadmap and the guidance they need "to securely connect to the people and content" they need as well as to transform business processes, inform and engage employees and "harness the collective knowledge" of their organization.

Expect a lot of information about Teams and Groups as well as Microsoft’s ongoing drive to pull Office 365 tighter and tighter together.

Office 365 now has more than 85 million active users, Microsoft reports. 

Expect to hear how Office 365 is growing, as well as its Yammerintegration, more about Microsoft’s voice and video strategy, and updates on intelligent content.

M-Files Achieves New Security Standard

Dallas-basedM Filesbuilt its agile document management system around the idea of pulling down the walls of content repositories.

It has done this by making content and documents searchable with metadata, enabling workers to find and work on documents wherever they arestored. M-Files has also been busy on document security.

In fact, it has come so far that this month itwas awardedISO 27001 certification indicating conformance with some of the strictest security standards in the market.ISO 27001 is an international information security management standard.

Learning Opportunities

A statement fromM-Files said that the certification will be a bonus for the company and help it grow its already extensive global footprint.

MacOS Email Management FromReaddle

Digital document security is one of the most pressing concerns of enterprises, but email applications are probably the most vulnerable applications.

There arenumerousapplications on the market for Windows-based products, but fewer formacOS. In response Folsom, Calif.-basedReaddlehas upgradeditsmacOSapp Spark to v1.2, which focuses on organizinginboxesand providing better search.

Probably the most significant of all the upgrades is the revamped folder structure giving users a way to manage folders andprovide them withdifferent configurations depending on need. It enables users to configure folder colors, organize favorites, or just look organize recent entries.

It now also now has Smart Folders thatcan beconfigured using natural language filters that enable users to choose which foldersare displayedon the sidebar, and reorder them with a simple and intuitive ‘drag and drop’.

WhileReaddleis describing it as a “massive” upgrade — and there isquitea bit of added functionality — it’s notnecessarilyenough to move people away from Apple Mail and Airmail.

Even so, fromthe comments board at the end of the announcement, it is clear thatReaddlehas come up with something that Mac users like, even though many are still looking for more.