Metalogix Releases ControlPoint 7.0

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Metalogix's new release — ControlPoint 7.0 — has a real time machine learning engine that identifies suspicious data activity in SharePoint and Office 365.

This new, in-house built engine learns from previous activity to identify subtle changes that may represent a security threat.

Developing ControlPoint

ControlPoint is Metalogix’s data security application that provides permissions, auditing, and reporting and governance policies for SharePoint.

One of its other important components is migration. Earlier this year, Steven Murphy CEO of Metalogix announced the company had increased migration speeds to SharePoint and Office 365 by a factor of 20 over industry-standard speeds.

Last week, he told CMSWire the company has now achieved increases of 50 times greater — with more speed to come.

Speed and the ControlPoint upgrade are linked, albeit indirectly. With better speeds, more companies are pushing more data to the clouds. That data requires more vigorous control and governance which is where ControlPoint 7.0 comes into play.

“We continue to look at that whole lifecycle and not just the speed, although faster speeds make it easier to move to the cloud. We are looking at how we protect that content with higher fidelity,” Murphy said.

Real Time Learning

By 2020, Juniper Research estimates that data breaches will cost organizations globally $2.1 trillion. Other research by Verizon shows the average financial loss for every 1,000 records breached is between $52,000 and $87,000 and that 60 percent of those breaches will occur in the US.

Learning Opportunities

“In 2014 data breaches become headline news everywhere. The New York Times dedicated more column inches to data breaches than it did to Taylor Swift,”Steven Marsh, director of Product Management and Marketing at Metalogix, said.

The real time learning engine tackles this by providing monitoring and insights into suspicious user activity. It pinpoints unauthorized access and alerts on unusual behavior up to, and including locking users out of SharePoint.

“This is not a binary yes/no, good/bad analysis, that is going on here," Marsh said. “This engine can understand the context of the activity."

Metalogix has also tightened the integration between ControlPoint 7.0 and Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager.

Sensitive Content Manager when used with ControlPoint 7.0 protects Personally identifiable information (PII)in SharePoint both in the cloud and on-premises at a very granular level learns how people interact with that information.

ControlPoint 7.0 also comes with a new interface, new APIs and a number of new compliance features.

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