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Sounds of Silence Hamper CEOs on Social

Maybe they’re stuck in their ways, busy or just plain shy. Whatever the reason, there’s not much tweeting going on at the top.

A new survey shows that Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t using Twitter and nearly 70 percent shun all five major social media networks. And the decision may be costing them.

Allegiance Wants to 'Change the DNA' of Customer Experience


It isn't always pleasant to acknowledge the negative. But the data didn't lie — and HireVue reports it revealed a story of customer dissatisfaction. 

Porter Williams, director operations and client services at HireVue, a 150-employee human resources technology provider, told CMSWire a quarterly survey showed a high level of discontent among customers migrating from the company's old platform to a new one.

“This set of unhappy customers represented 20 percent of our customer base,” Williams said. “And most were up for renewal. A huge percentage of our customer base might have defected if we had been oblivious to their concerns.”

Instead, it addressed them — with the help of customer data insights from the Allegiance Software customer experience platform. It’s one reason South Jordan, Utah-based Allegiance has been able to increase its workforce 50 percent the past couple of years to 115.

5 Ways to Improve Marketing Surveys

customer experience, Five Ways to Deliver Effective Surveys for Marketing Campaigns

To survey or not to survey -- that is the question in this short-attention-span world of the customer.

Some people claim you can say goodbye to online surveys and argue solicited surveys are pointless. Others, though, say surveys are OK, as long as you tackle the mobile issue.

Are you or aren't you delivering surveys?

CMSWire talked with Jonathan Levitt, chief marketing officer of OpinionLab, about ways to improve your  surveys -- and your marketing campaigns.

Mixpanel Debuts Mobile In-App Survey Platform

Mobile and web analytics provider Mixpanel has added a mobile survey platform that it claims makes things easier for both the marketers analyzing survey results and the users taking the surveys. Today it launched Mixpanel Surveys — free for existing People Analytics product subscribers — which it says allows anyone inside an organization to quickly create, target and send mobile surveys directly to people as they use an organization's app. 

Companies Should Publicize All Feedback from Customers

Thumbnail image for image-customersurveyfreedom-2013.jpgCompanies can't control what customers are saying about them on "unbiased" review sites like Yelp, Zagat or OpenTable. But they can make better use of the feedback they receive directly from their customers. That information doesn't always make it into the public domain, something one customer experience expert thinks should change.

Qualtrics Releases Mobile Surveys For Online, Offline Responses

customer experience: qualtrics mobile survey

Insight technology provider Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Mobile, a research tool that helps businesses gather customer insight from smartphone or tablet devices in both an offline and online capacity.

Confirmed: Yahoo to Acquire Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

tumblr_ios_logo.jpgYahoo has announced that it will acquire Tumblr in a refreshingly honestly press release that states "Per the agreement and our promise not to screw it up, Tumblr will be independently operated as a separate business."

Survey: The Current and Future State of the Workplace

Survey: The Current and Future State of the Workplace

With new technology constantly being added to the workplace environment, it's not always easy to know how well these changes are working. This is something that Chess Media aims to find out in an employee collaboration and work style solutions Future of Work Survey.

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2012 - Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy is determined to have more fun in 2013. Whether it's through remembering the importance of the user experience, or creating great work environments for employees starting at home, with his in-house 509 winery, Conroy is walking the talk. Find out more below. 

Facebook App of the Week: Engaging Your Fans with Survey Monkey

It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week were are concentrating on Survey Monkey, a poll-based app that allows users to post polls and surveys to their fan pages.

More Companies Increasing Products Launches, But Seeing Less Revenue

Does it seem like more and more companies are launching products more than ever before? According to a recent poll by the SAVO Group, you may be right. But do more product launches mean more sales? Not exactly. 

Drop Some CMS Knowledge, Win an iPad

If you've got some golden nuggets of content management insight to share -- anything from stories, tips and lessons learned -- the CMS Mythbusters need you. 

In an effort to create a well-rounded 2010 CMS wisdom report, the network is conducting a quick and painless survey, and your countribution "may be the difference between CMS life or death for a future implementation."

Each participant will receive a copy of the report once it's complete, and one lucky individual (drawn at random) gets a shiny new iPad. What's not to love? 

Share your wisdom here

Web Engagement: Old Survey Methods are Broken

Why traditional web surveys are broken.

Gauging the Success of Web Analytics Programs

Is there a secret recipe for successful Web analytics programs? If there is, you might help us figure it out. 

Customers Want You to Track Them, Says Survey

Customers Want You to Track Them Says SDL Tridion Survey While it’s mildly annoying to have a flock of sales associates approach you the second you step into a store, but apparently consumers don’t mind the special attention when they’re shopping on the Internet.

This is especially important to note when you consider numbers like 74, which, according to a recent survey from SDL Tridion (news, site), is the percentage of people who actually like it when businesses mine their personal shopping information.

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