When I started working in sample, I soon realized that the sample world never sleeps.

Be it late night hours, weekends or holidays, there are projects running 24/7 and there is a constant need to fill that teenage quota or to get a high level executive to take a 45-question survey with a $10 incentive.

Anyone who has worked in sampling will know that it’s a small world and you are in some way or fashion often talking to numerous other sample companies, even your competitors, since 99 percent of the time you can’t get your study filled on your own.

The amount of effort taken to do a massive 30-country bid with 100 plus quotas in each country and then field it if you win it can be exhausting due to the amount of negotiations and manual coordination that has to be done across multiple vendors. I always asked myself isn’t there a better way to get this done?

The Age of Programmatic Sampling

We went from an age of snail mailing invites to online sample and now we are in an age of programmatic sampling.

Programmatic sampling is the automated buying and selling of sample. You have a common marketplace for buyers and sellers to buy and sell sample, making the sample process so much easier. How and why is this better?

Benefits of Programmatic Sampling

Faster fielding

Due to automation, sample gets to your surveys with the click of a button and you no longer have to wait to send out an email to your suppliers to drop sample. With fielding timelines getting shorter and shorter over time, having an automated way to get sample into your survey has been a blessing.

Learning Opportunities

Quicker reports to clients

As you are able to field more quickly, you can get your study completed sooner. This helps you run your analysis sooner and deliver results to your clients faster. This has helped tremendously with the fast turnaround needed on studies like copy tests or theatrical studies than run primarily over just a single weekend.

Less Human Dependency

You no longer have to bank on a person in another country or a different time zone to get up and drop sample. Instead you have the control of launching the survey knowing sample will get into your survey.

Cost Reduction             

One of the biggest issues of sampling was high costs. With lesser human need and lesser manual effort required, the overall costs have reduced and those cost benefits are being passed on to clients.

Future of Programmatic Sampling

Programmatic sampling is here to stay. A lot of clients are slowly but surely digesting that this is the direction of sampling. They realize that if they don’t adapt, they may be beaten by their competition.  

Title image by Asa Aarons Smith

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