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5 Things to Banish from Digital Offices


Every day something in the digital office annoys a few hundred million workers. Not enough to stage a mass revolt, but just enough to ferment our collective disdain for technology.

Here's a wish list of things those of us at CMSWire would like developers, vendors and IT specialists to fix in 2014. Their cooperation will help save our souls from everything from the inevitable cloud outage to expletives over the latest snafu and personalized ring tones that sound like moose calls. 

Skype Could Crush All Before It With Prime Placement In Windows 8.1


Skype will replace the Messenger app in Windows 8.1, making it Windows' centerpiece for communicating across all devices. Assuming Windows 8.1 takes over the desktop world, where does that leave other messaging services?

Skype Competitor Viber Soars to 175 Million Users

It’s a huge hit in the wealthy city-state of Monaco, used by about 90% of that population. And now, the Cyprus-based calling/messaging service Viber -- one of Skype’s start-up competitors -- is reporting that its worldwide user base has soared to 175 million. 

Viber for BlackBerry Updated, HD Voice Calls Previewed

Anyone looking for a Skype alternative or simply needing a free call and text app for their BlackBerry? The very popular Viber may be the perfect choice.

Viber Comes Out to Play With New Mobile Messaging App

Israeli free mobile communication platform provider Viber Media is releasing what it calls a “fun” version of its Viber messaging/phone call app as the company tries to establish itself as a global player in the mobile communication market.

TU Me: A New VoIP and Social Comms iPhone App from Telefonica

tume_logo_2012.PNG Global No. 3 communications service provider, Telefonica has had enough of users going with Skype and other solutions for off-network communications. It now offers its own app, TU Me, for iPhone users to chat, share and message, with Android support coming soon.

New Android App Will Boost Viber's High-Definition Voice Numbers

viber_logo_2011.jpgHD Voice company Viber's (news, site) public release of its Android app gives it a great chance at becoming the next Skype.

5 Great Skype Alternatives

Microsoft's whopping US$ 8.5 billion purchase of Skype is probably good news for a large pool of video chat users, but there's undoubtedly those who are worried about the possible implications of the acquisition. While there's no exact clone of Skype floating around out there, a number of tools would still make great alternatives for those that fall into the latter category:

Microsoft/Skype Press Conference: Service Will Still Support Non-MS Hardware


Microsoft (news, site) has confirmed that it is buying Skype, making the product ubiquitous across MS's Windows universe, Xbox games consoles and phones. But what have the two companies got to say for themselves, as they speak in public for the first time?

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: BlackBerry Goes Bing, Tests Voice Search, Viber hits Android

This week the enterprise world saw BlackBerry make Bing its default search engine, an invitation to shout at your computer screen, and a bit of solid competition for Skype. 

Viber Brings HD Voice to Android, as Skype Talks To Facebook/Google

viber_logo_2011.jpgViber (news, site) is the coming-up-on-the-rails alternative to Skype that offers better quality calls and is now available to the massive Android army.

New Viber 2.0 VoIP App Aims to Out-Do Skype Further

viber_logo_2011.jpgHaving launched offering HD Voice, Viber (news, site) gets even more vibe in V2.0 with free texts and other improvements.

Skype To Go: Taking the Internet Out of VoIP


Skype's (news, site) new service helps users make calls from any phone, regardless of type, via a special phone number system.

Facebook Messenger to Challenge Skype

facebook_msgr.jpg Facebook's (news, site) new Messenger App could blow a big hole in existing VoIP services and wreck the market for newcomers.

Viber Tops Skype with HD VoIP


Last year, Viber made a fair impact as an mobile app alternative to Skype VoIP. With a new technology partner on-board, could it now be about to go stellar? 

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