Having launched offering HD Voice, Viber (news, site) gets even more vibe in V2.0 with free texts and other improvements.

Whose Voice Will Be Heard?

Viber got off to a pretty impressive start, offering HD Voice to iPhone users. Regardless of the actual benefit of the technology, it was good to see someone pushing Skype and adding mobile features. That mode of operation continues as Viber 2.0 is now out and offers free texts to fellow Viber users, along with an improved interface and additional features.

With an Android launch planned, the company is making lots of noise in the VoIP space and has seen some 10 million downloads of its first version. Version 2.0 for iPhone brings messaging and free calls into the single app, which has been tidied up in the bargain.


Viber 2.0: Adding text messaging between users

The Right Vibe

A new Messages tab lets you see conversations as they happen with your contacts. If you have lots of friends on Viber or have chosen it as your default office communications app, it just became a lot more useful. It uses Push to send the messages, so acts like the SMS service, but these messages are free.

Tweaking the existing interface, there is now a redesigned contacts list that can be more easily filtered, and calling has been given a tweak with a two-step calling-then-ringing process to let the caller know that the receiver's phone is active.

With VoIP being a big part of the unified communications ballgame, Viber is making big strides to create a smart and attractive offering.