HD Voice company Viber's (news, site) public release of its Android app gives it a great chance at becoming the next Skype.

A Positive Vibe

Viber's success with its iPhone app now runs to some 11 million user-minutes per month, according to the company. However, those numbers should rocket now that the app is available to all Android users, who number in the hundreds of millions. Not only will the raw numbers help, but iPhone and Android users being able to call each other should make the app more popular as users' Viber-equipped contact list expands.

The free app requires Android 2.0 or higher and it uses your 3G or WiFi connection to make free calls (within your usage allowances). The Viber app offers HD Voice calls and messaging, without having to open the app. While Skype could become a behemoth under the MIcrosoft deal, those looking for an alternative could now find Viber an attractive all-mobile platform.  


A Bright Future

Beyond the immediate app launch,Viber will be looking to cement its place as a leading rival to Skype with its hundreds of millions of users. Those major players in the social or network market looking to round out their communications offering should find the company an attractive proposition if its Android offering does as well as the iPhone version.

Viber itself will be looking to get a Windows Phone app out to round out its offering and maximize its exposure; we'd guess Windows Phone users shouldn't be left waiting too long.