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    How Customer Interaction Analytics Supports Your Cybersecurity Strategy

    Protecting your company from cyber criminals makes sense to the bottom line — whether it’s preventing the impact on your stock price or the long-lasting damage to customer loyalty. A 2014 Gallup poll revealed that more Americans fear their credit card info being hacked than any other crime — including

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    How Analytics and BI Shaped the Modern Organization

    In the past few years, we’ve seen how analytics help data-driven organizations outperform peer groups and create more innovative opportunities. Today, analytics defines the modern organization by harnessing its collective intelligence. This next-gen collaboration combines the wisdom of people with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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    Let's Resolve the Data Analytics Conflict in 2017

    Business intelligence and big data have an unresolved conflict.  2016 was slated to be the year that big data projects finally delivered on the promises of profitability. Yet, 12 months later we’re still sitting on piles and piles of data as big data solutions languish in the corner.

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    Overcome the Data Analytics Skills Gap with Citizen Analysts

    Data's unprecedented growth, both internally and externally, has made it impossible for modern organizations to rely solely on specialists to solve all their data analytics needs.

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    Cautionary Data Analytics Lessons from the Battle of Britain

    We now have vast quantities of sales-related data at our disposal. If you use automated systems for compensation management, quoting and configuration, territory and quota, marketing and any other sales or marketing task, all of the related intelligence is at your fingertips.  But having it is not enough.

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    Marrying the Art and Science of Marketing: From Engagement to Bliss

    Data and analytics have become so intertwined with marketing strategy it’s no longer acceptable to say you’re a marketer "but not a numbers person." Marketing used to be strictly an art, not a science.

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