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  • wake of a boat

    How ABM Will Change Your Content Marketing Approach

    Want to beat your competition at the marketing game?  One way is to identify technologies that are gaining traction and get an early jump on using them. For example, B2B marketing has evolved from using email marketing, to marketing automation, which has powered the rise of content marketing.

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  • behind the eight ball

    Turn the Promise of Employee Advocacy Into Reality

    Here’s a question I hear a lot these days: “How can we get employees to start sharing brand content on social media?”  Employee advocacy has finally bubbled up into the consciousness of senior marketers.   In theory, that’s a good thing.

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  • conversation

    Why Aren't B2B Marketers Listening in on Social Media?

    Social listening is an essential part of any B2C brands' social media approach. But the same can't be said for many B2B brands.  Why is that?  In my experience working with B2B marketers, I’ve found it mainly comes down to three reasons: The low volume of social conversations about B2B companies:  While millions of consumers love to share opinions

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  • bright shiny onjects

    How Social Media Helps You Optimize Account-Based Marketing

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is the new shiny object for B2B marketers.  Why? Because many marketers are waking up to the fact that while inbound marketing generates lots of leads, not enough of them are on the sales team’s hot list.

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  • soundboard

    Volume Won't Win the Content Marketing Game

    Over the last few years there's been a push to hire copywriters, journalists and editors to play the content marketing game. Why? Because brands need to become publishers, and B2B marketers have to transform into storytellers.

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  • the whisper

    B2B Marketers: It's Time for Influencer Marketing

    Are you influential? That’s a big question with a simple answer: of course you are. Every day you influence family, friends and work colleagues. That last one is especially important because IDC research found that B2B decision makers rely on peers and colleagues more than product reviews, vendor content, salespeople

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  • Trapeze School

    Boost Your Outreach With Other People’s Content

    It’s all about sharing. Recently, I was reminded of this when I happened upon two toddlers wrestling with a toy and heard their mothers admonish them: “You have to learn to share.

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  • Guitar Practice

    B2B Social Media: 5 Practices for Doing It Right

    I loved doing puzzles with my brothers when I was a kid.

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  • Are Your Execs Hindering Your Social Media Success

    Are Your Execs Hindering Your Social Media Success?

    I've written often about the challenges B2B marketers face in turning the crank to generate social ROI.

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  • True or False: Social Media Marketing Works

    As someone who earns a living helping B2B marketers make social media work, I was surprised by a recent claim from Forrester Research. Marketers use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to engage customers and prospects, Forrester noted. But then it added: it’s not working.

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  • B2B Marketers Think More Like Brand Marketers

    B2B Marketers: Think More Like Brand Marketers

    You’d think there would’ve been more people like me at the Brand Innovators  "mega-trends" in digital marketing conference. In fairness, the event was targeted at top digital marketers who work at leading consumer brands and agencies.

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  • Marketing Challenge Social Recommendations or Content Marketing

    Marketing Challenge: Social Recommendations or Content Marketing?

    Why aren't B2B marketers doing more to generate recommendations for their brands? I mean every B2B marketer (or head of sales, for that matter) understands how important positive word of mouth and referrals are, right? And these days, it’s easy to leverage social media to amplify favorable comments about your

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  • Should You Use LinkedIn to Build a Network or an Audience

    Should You Use LinkedIn to Build a Network or an Audience?

    The first is who to connect with. When I first started using LinkedIn it was all about connecting with business professionals who I actually knew. And I felt kind of important when someone sent me an invitation to connect. Not anymore.

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  • Shift Your Thinking About Content Marketing

    Shift Your Thinking About Content Marketing

    For B2B marketers, there’s no question that content marketing is a key initiative. And these days, it seems everyone is sharing his or her content marketing best practices, promising marketers that if they could simply do X, Y and Z, then success is all but assured.

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