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  • falling leaves

    DAM Diatribe on Data Anxiety

    “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time” —  Leonard Bernstein The transition to fall brings with it a feeling of change: to shorter days, cooler temperatures and the realization that the end of the year looms.

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  • under the milky way

    Setting the Stage for DAM Innovation

    Where does DAM innovation come from? Like human relationships, it’s complicated. People change, great plans go awry, the new becomes old.  All the pieces for game-changing innovation in DAM are there. Customers, users, service providers and vendors all contribute to the foundation for innovation in the DAM market.

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  • orient express

    Digital Assets: First-Class Citizens of Web Content Management

    A personalized customer experience requires a deep understanding of your customer and the ability to quickly bring together the right content to meet their needs. The right content is a combination of text and rich assets.

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  • split road

    DAM Innovation: Fork in the Road

    Over the last year, an ongoing debate has taken place in the DAM industry about innovation. The consensus is that innovation is in retreat and DAM software is becoming increasingly homogeneous. In our coverage at DAM News, we see a vendor's new product release as an accurate signal of intent

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  • grocery cart and shopping list

    Your DAM Shopping List

    What to expect from Digital Asset Management in 2016 Finding a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is easy enough, as there are plenty of systems to choose from.

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  • Excited boy with a seal

    Does Your DAM Experience Excite?

    As I sat in a dealership waiting for my car to be serviced, everywhere I looked I saw evidence of a DAM system in use. It was a long wait, so I had a lot of time to examine the assets, looking for innovative uses (or lack) thereof.

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  • to market on a bicycle

    DAM Goes to Market(ing)

    Is Digital Asset Management relevant to today’s marketers? Do we now need to think about DAM differently? Many traditional and new DAM vendors are positioning themselves as marketing solutions and focusing on the use of content.

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  • obstacles in the road

    Overcoming Those DAM Customer Experience Obstacles

    At the top of Robert Fulghum’s list of lessons learned in his bestselling "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" is: “Share everything.” Fulghum’s advice applies directly to customer experience (CX), and here’s why: According to findings from McKinsey & Company, your brand and your customer

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