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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam: How to Succeed with DAM #DAMChat

    Everywhere we look there's another DAM decision to be made. From creation of strategy, to software selection, to driving adoption, to successful integration, it's no wonder that many of us are left wondering how to actually succeed with DAM.

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  • How to Succeed with DAM

    How to Succeed with DAM

    The question I hear most often from clients in all industries is how do I “succeed” with DAM -- how do I make it a successful system and provide real and meaningful benefits to the organization? The short answer is that there is no “silver bullet” as to what success

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  • 5 Questions to Consider Before Launching a DAM Initiative

    5 Questions to Consider Before Launching a DAM Initiative

    In a world with increasing numbers of rich media assets and a diverse set of distribution channels, organizations are taking a closer look at rich media management tools like digital asset management (DAM). However, the market is fragmented, and relatively few big-name vendors offer DAM solutions.

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  • DAM Confusion in the Marketplace

    DAM Confusion in the Marketplace

    (UPDATED 8/27) With the announcement of Microsoft’s partnership with the DAM vendor ADAM last month, it would be easy to say that Microsoft has de facto conceded defeat for SharePoint, a MS tool often promoted as a DAM. This would be a mistake; SharePoint and ADAM were never

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  • 6 Reasons Why People Dont Use Your DAM

    6 Reasons Why People Don't Use Your DAM

    Let’s take a look at the six chief reasons why your users might have fallen out of love with your DAM system and the lessons you can learn: Reason #1: The interface is unintuitive and unfriendly Many DAMs tend to be conceived and built by technicians rather than by branding

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  • Confronting the New and Not So New World of DAM

    Confronting the New (and Not So New) World of DAM

    Although digital asset management has arguably been around since at least the 1990s, the virtual explosion of multimedia has catapulted it near the top of the stack for many organizations.

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  • Get Executive BuyIn for Digital Asset Management

    Get Executive Buy-In for Digital Asset Management

    Like many organizations, you may find yourself at a crossroads between how you’ve managed digital content up until now and how you plan to address future digital asset management (DAM) needs.

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  • Let DAM Do the Dirty Work

    Let DAM Do the Dirty Work

    1. 'Start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology' —Steve Jobs Think of an amazing dining experience. In a restaurant, the waiter is in the best position to interact and understand what experience would most delight the customer.

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  • Whats the Value of DAM Let Me Tell You a Story

    What's the Value of DAM? Let Me Tell You a Story

    But once the conversation turns to how we can support digital storytelling through integrated content management, we find that we can better align the role of DAM with the business vision.

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  • Improve DAM Creative Workflows First CXM Will Follow

    Improve DAM Creative Workflows First, CXM Will Follow

    Who's Creating in DAM? Digital Asset Management is a type of technology that is closest to creative professional's hearts. Yet, DAM is about as unfriendly to those creatives as it can possibly get.

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  • 5 Steps For CompanyWide DAM Adoption

    5 Steps For Company-Wide DAM Adoption

    But as businesses race to produce more creative assets to get their brand’s message heard, digital asset management (DAM) software has emerged as the best platform to coordinate assets and ensure that an organization's brand is being presented correctly and consistently.

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  • Improve DAM Workflows Without Breaking the Budget

    The last thing creative staff want to do is add metadata to their assets and upload them into an asset management system. They want to create, not spend any amount of time performing administrative tasks. And I don't think it's a good use of their time either.

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