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  • New Fashioned Customer Service Restoring Intimacy

    New Fashioned Customer Service: Restoring Intimacy

    Remember the good old days when you could call your favorite store, took it for granted you could talk with the same person just about every time and didn’t have to explain things multiple times if you had to call more than once to resolve an issue? Welcome back to

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  • News Bites Google Smart Lists Contact Center Tips More

    News Bites: Google Smart Lists, Contact Center Tips, & More

    And now, the news. Google gets Smart Lists, Sysomos integrates with Clarabridge, Bulldog gets Boosted, and 3CLogic goes 5.0. Also in the headlines: multichannel contact centers get tips, addresses get corrected, reps need to know what they need to know, and Clari offers a new mobile sales productivity platform.

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