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And now, the news. Google gets Smart Lists, Sysomos integrates with Clarabridge, Bulldog gets Boosted, and 3CLogic goes 5.0.

Also in the headlines: multichannel contact centers get tips, addresses get corrected, reps need to know what they need to know, and Clari offers a new mobile sales productivity platform.

Google Analytics' Smart Lists

Google Analytics announced this week an automatically managed remarketing list. This comes in response to marketers who say hundreds of dimensions can be overwhelming. The tech giant defines remarketing as "a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google."

This is done through the option of allowing "Google to manage my list for me," as a Smart List. The company said that Smart Lists are built from anonymized data, using such metrics as visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer and browser to determine which users are most likely to convert.

Sysomos Partners with Clarabridge

Social analytics provider Sysomos is busy in the partnering department. In March, the company announced an integration that added its social data for customer segments and brand reputation to Tickr's real-time data platform for enterprise metrics.

Now, Marketwired-owned Sysomos is launching a partnership with Clarabridge, a customer experience management vendor. The combination provides customer feedback from such channels as surveys, call center notes, emails, chat and social conversations to help brands manage customer engagement by providing a more complete picture.

A Boost for a Bulldog

In February, Bulldog Solutions, a B2B marketing tech company, released a software-as-a-service application called Bulldog Gameplan for the creation of integrated B2B marketing plans.

Now, the company is feeding the Bulldog with Boost, a marketing mix optimization feature that provides benchmarks for marketing plans and recommends specific marketing mix improvements. The optimization uses propriety algorithms based on Bulldog's experience in marketing campaigns.

Bulldog Gameplan.jpg

Bulldog Gameplan, now with Boost

3CLogic Adds Reporting Framework

In the contact center arena, 3CLogic has unveiled version 5.0 of its cloud-based contact center. It features a new Athena Reporting framework, Iris scripting engine and other product upgrades for reporting analytics based on call data and other inputs.

The new release adds customizable tools and real-time scripts for adaptation. Other enhancements include improved dashboards, call conferencing and transfer functionalities, as well as the ability to preview incoming caller information in a separate pop-up screen and improved "whisper" communication for private interaction between supervisors and agents.


A report screen from 3CLogic

Tips for Multichannel Contact Centers

Speaking of contact centers, DMG Consulting looked at do's and don'ts for multichannel contact centers where all interactions are queued, routed, handled and recorded centrally.

The study, "Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report," includes 11 tips. In the compensation category, the report recommends that companies not "have different pay scales for each channel and underpay phone agents."

Instead: "Use one pay scale; pay all agents fairly and competitively based on their knowledge, experience and competency." Other covered practices include hiring, staffing, performance goals, quality assurance evaluations, training, coaching, policies and procedures, organization structure, service/CRM application and knowledge base.

Getting the Address Correct

The wrong address, because of a mistyped online entry or a call center operator's mistake, can throw customer service for a loop. This week, address verification provider Loqate announced its new Address Powersearch, available in both cloud or on-premises versions.

The company said the new solution, which provides immediate address verification for addresses in 30 countries, increases address data accuracy, reduces e-commerce cart abandonment, and avoids missed deliveries. The software offers predictive auto-completion of addresses after a few characters have been entered.

Need to Know

With all the sales tools out there, you'd think sales reps would have what they need and it would always be at hand.

But according to mobile sales enablement and analytics provider Qstream, over a third of enterprise sales reps are unprepared when they make sales calls – or they're unable to apply the right information they need to make the sale.

The company said its findings were based on an analysis of nearly a quarter-million responses to scenario-based sales challenges sent to sales reps by Qstream's platform. The scenaria were based on questions selected by sales and marketing teams, which were deemed to be "critical for broad market context within their respective industries." Forty-six percent of reps in unregulated industries answered incorrectly on the first attempt, while 31 percent in regulated industries gave the wrong answer.

A New Sales Productivity Platform

Startup Clari has announced its mobile-first sales productivity platform, although we wonder how they could describe it as "the premier platform" when it's just emerged from stealth mode.

The offering is designed to help close deals faster, reduce manual reporting and keep track of deal progress by integrating customer relationship management with other systems. The company said that, in its trial tests, sales reps reduced their administrative time by as much as 80 percent and are closing deals one to two weeks faster.

Clari said its platform unifies and reorganizes all data, including CRM, SharePoint, Exchange, online storage services, Gmail and other sources. A "deal assistant" is designed to improve preparedness and communication, while workflow alerts and a deal progression dashboard are intended to drive productivity.

Images from Bulldog Solutions and 3CLogic