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  • birds on a wire

    How to Align E-Commerce with Your Business Strategy

    Even if a retailer has the hottest product, the lowest price and the fastest shipping, if their digital and non-digital experiences lack coherence they risk alienating existing and would-be buyers. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently.

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  • a face in the crowd

    Personalization Isn't the Goal, Conversion Is

    All marketers want to evoke action from their target audience. We try, in our digital marketing and advertising, to deliver relevant content that causes our audiences to act.  A lack of conversion often corresponds to a lack of relevant content.

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  • three skateboarders

    It Takes a Team to Deliver Winning Digital Commerce Experiences

    Digital marketing experience and transactional commerce are becoming increasingly entwined, resulting in a new set of opportunities, challenges and practices. Delivering excellent commerce experiences requires business alignment across all channels, touch points and devices.

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  • balancing act

    Digital Marketing Success Means Balancing Strategy and Execution

    Success in the digital experience realm comes down to striking a balance between what customers need and what the business hopes to achieve. Data-driven marketing tactics can help marketers mind the gap — and bridge customer strategy and ability to execute, with the right personalization and context that customers prefer.

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  • making sushi

    Ditch the FAQs: Design for a Frictionless Experience

    All I wanted was some sushi. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find out if the any of the three sushi restaurants within walking distance of my hotel were actually open.

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  • data visualization

    How to Advance Your DX Testing and Optimization Maturity

    Digital analytics teams have made great strides in driving value through testing and optimizing. But many are still working in isolated digital channel silos — and that leaves money on the table.

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  • juggling act

    5 Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Data Management

    Late last year, I told an interviewer, “You can have lots of data and still suck at marketing.”  This statement still holds true as we head into the last quarter of 2016.  Data isn’t a numbers game: Simply having more doesn’t mean you’re better off than the next guy.

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