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  • Tracking YouTube Video Performance In Google Tag Manager

    Tracking YouTube Video Performance In Google Tag Manager

    A look at Google's time-saving YouTube trigger for Google Tag Manager.

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  • Google Spring Cleaning Continues to Eliminate Products

    Google's continuing “spring cleaning” effort, which actually began last fall and has closed or combined more than 30 products since, is eliminating several more products Google now considers obsolete or redundant. These include Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback, Google Video, iGoogle and the Symbian Search App.

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  • MPEG LA Prepares Attack on Google's Open Video Codec

    Google aimed to create a completely free and open standard for HTML5 video last year when it open sourced VP8 under a royalty-free licence, but patent-licensing organization MPEG LA may have officially burst that bubble with the announcement of an official call for patents that cover V8.

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  • Google Acquires Episodic, New YouTube Flavors Imminent?

    Looks like Google's still on an acquisition streak. This time the Web giant has picked up a video hosting platform called Episodic, which boasts measuring and monetizing capabilities in addition to broadcasting. Smells to us like a YouTube overhaul.  Episodic Just like YouTube, The Episodic suite broadcasts live

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  • Google Slashes Jaiku, Video and Other Services

    Google, one of the Internet's darling companies, is finally starting to feel the economic downtown. Changes are headed for a few Google services including Google Notebook, Google Catalogs, Dodgeball, Google Video, Google Mashup Editor and messaging service Jaiku.

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