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  • Social Media Briefs: My Yahoo Updates, Promoted Pins, YouTube Anywhere

    Yahoo covets iGoogle users, while Pinterest plans for a future of promoted pins, and YouTube works to make video content available offline.  My Yahoo Looks Like iGoogle Yahoo's facelift continues. An updated news page at the end of June lead to a new logo in the beginning of September, which

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  • Google Spring Cleaning Continues to Eliminate Products

    Google's continuing “spring cleaning” effort, which actually began last fall and has closed or combined more than 30 products since, is eliminating several more products Google now considers obsolete or redundant. These include Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback, Google Video, iGoogle and the Symbian Search App.

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  • iGoogle Gets Social with New Social Gadgets

    iGoogle (news, site) is Google's personalized portal home page and is making itself more relevant to Web user's needs by adding a bunch of new social Web features. Social Gadgets on iGoogle Hot on the heels of Google's new features for Web hosts, the general users gets

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  • Basecamp Arrived to iGoogle via Periscope Gadget

    Hold on to your hats, Basecamp lovers! Now you can manage your project collaboration utopia via a simple and effective iGoogle gadget. Periscope, added to iGoogle’s gadget directory earlier this month, allows users to control multiple Basecamp accounts from their iGoogle homepage.

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  • iGoogle is Large and In Charge With Canvas View

    iGoogle just recently got even cooler by putting its new canvas view into effect for U.S. users. With new features and details like the tab display as a left-hand column rather than a menu up top, and each gadget having its own individual page for expanded viewing, iGoogle aims to

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  • Web Content 2007: MyWeb the Way Users Want It

    As Web Content 2007 came to a close, sessions seemed to emphasize the same elements of collaboration, personalization and consumer behavior, and ask the same questions: What does the user want and how to innovate information overload? Building personal websites embraces all of these aspects and uses them to bring

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