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  • Brewing Personal Websites from Social Media Outlets

    Here's a little Friday treat: The service allows users to build personal websites by mashing up their identities from across the Web.  There's no better way to understand a service like than to see it in action: essentially lets you brand yourself.

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  • thisMoment: Lifestreaming With Love

    As lifestreaming continues to grow in popularity, so do the ways in which it’s presented. Introducing one of the first players to take the sentimental route: thisMoment. Still in its beta testing phase, thisMoment isn’t marketed as a lifestream, a micro-blogging service or a social network, even though

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  • Kakuteru: Lifestreaming and Blogging Unite (For Real)

    You say (exasperatedly): Another lifestreaming service? Really? We say: Yes, but this FriendFeed-powered mashup is generating a lot of commotion and feedback due to one teeny, tiny difference -- it's a blogging service, too.  Wait, FriendFeed-Powered? But My FriendFeed Sucks! Exactly the point. Lifestreaming has been getting a lot of play lately because, well, a lot

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  • Qik: Mobile Video Streaming Gone Mainstream

    Mobile video fanatics rejoice! Qik, a video streaming platform that allows users to broadcast from mobile devices, has announced support for more mobile devices that will allow users to be visually connected to the world. Users of Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices will be pleased with the latest news

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  • Lifestreams: Yet Another Way to Share Yourself?

    Lifestreaming, an idea stemming from the walls of Yale University, is getting more and more attention from the geeks and techies of this world. What’s all the hype about, we wonder.

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