thisMoment: Lifestreaming With Love

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ThisMoment: lifesreaming, blogging, picture sharing mashup
As lifestreaming continues to grow in popularity, so do the ways in which it’s presented. Introducing one of the first players to take the sentimental route: thisMoment.

Still in its beta testing phase, thisMoment isn’t marketed as a lifestream, a micro-blogging service or a social network, even though it could easily be used for any of those things. No, thisMoment is presented as something a little closer to the heart. Specifically, “A place for saving and sharing the moments of your life.” 

Get Started thisMoment

Begin by creating a moment. A moment consists of media uploaded directly from your computer or imported from Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or YouTube. Select a single photo or video to define the moment or several if they apply (they can be grouped).

Next, add a blurb describing the event. We suggest something heart-warming. After that's all done, you can choose a mood associated with the moment. Moods are illustrated by an ambiguous little cartoon animal (because what's a site without an ambiguous little cartoon animal, right?).

Then, fit the moment into thisMoment’s most interesting feature - the timeline. In the timeline moments are represented by labeled bars in which color represents the type of moment (as labeled by the user) and size signifies importance.



The timeline is always at the top of the interface as it’s shown in the screenshot above. Scrolling over the different bars provides a pop-up with the name of the moment and small thumbnails of the related media. Click them and the expanded moment appears in the bottom half of the interface.

Even more interesting, thisMoment gives users the option to create future moments. Got a big trip planned? Create a group of moments filled with YouTube videos documenting the locale, other people's photos of it, pictures you've sketched in anticipation of your arrival -- whatever floats your boat. 

Finally, use the horizontal scrollbar (pictured above) to move back and forth through the timeline. Literally watch the highs and lows of your life play out in front of you. Kind of neat, right?

Learning Opportunities

Share Your Life

Like most new services these days, thisMoment provides users with the option to follow others, send and receive messages, and even send updates to your Twitter account. (At this point, it's absolutely no wonder how or why Twitter has surpassed Digg in traffic, right?)

Additionally, you can attach a Google map of the exact location the moment took place if you want to be that detailed. And don't worry, the privacy controls aren't lacking, so creepy stalker situations are completely avoidable.

In This Moment...

As it stands in its beta phase, thisMoment is a very attractive mashup of all our most favorite services and it may very well be the way in which they're presented that acts as the major selling point. The idea that lifestreaming can be more than just cavalier ramblings about what you ate for lunch accompanied with photos of what you ate for lunch, that it can be about the building blocks of your life and wanting to share them with the people you love, is quite attractive.

But will it be enough to transcend the relatively limited functionality? Survey says perhaps not. Features we'd like to see in the future include:

  • Dates on the timeline. What happens when the compulsive moment makers want to go back and find a certain point in time? Scrolling through a mile-long timeline does not sound like fun. 
  • We want RSS feeds, and we want them now.
  • Several ambiguous little cartoon animals to choose from (options = love).
  • The option to post moments via your phone would fit in nicely with the idea 

If you'd like to suggest your own ideas for improvement or sign up for private beta and try thisMoment yourself, head on over to www.thismoment.com.