yonkly microblogging platform

A new web service aims to bring new functionality to the microblogging space. Yonkly recently launched into public beta and seems similar to Twitter and Tumblr, but with many more features and capabilities. Yonkly was recently mentioned in one of our posts.

For starters, users can create a microblogging site around any subject area they want. Example networks featured on Yonkly's site include a "Twitter" for Christians, one for Hokies fans and iSweat dedicated to exercise and fitness.

Taking Microblogging to the Next Level

Other Yonkly features include being able to brand and theme your Yonkly-powered microblog any way you see fit. Users of the service can even add their own advertisements and increase the character limit to above 140 characters (Twitter's current character limit).

Users of services such as Flickr (prior coverage), Plaxo and Twitter will be glad to know you can integrate these services into Yonkly as well. In fact, users can interact with the content from these third-party services without having to leave Yonkly, meaning your comments and image thumbnails are all held on your Yonkly site.

For site owners, Yonkly gives the ability to map your own custom domain name. Don't want images on your Yonkly-powered site? Disable them in the administration panel. Yonkly also features its own search engine built-in for querying users and messages, a feature Twitter has yet to introduce.  


Yonkly Search Functionality

Plus, Twitter has been battling stability issues in recent months. 

Will Users Come?

The biggest question facing Yonkly is whether users will take the bait and sign onto the service and continue to use it. There are many microblogging services to choose from -- Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr and others. Yonkly integrates with services such as Flickr, but do you want comments existing in a separate website rather than on your Flickr image page?

Yonkly's edge is the customization and other options they provide for Yonkly-powered websites. The web service will likely gain traction among site administrators who want to have microblogging functionality combined with the control and customization provided in Yonkly's control panel.

Learn more about Yonkly here.