Buzzable Microblog Communities

Microblogging is growing at an exceedingly rapid rate. As a result, more and more services pop-up regularly trying to corner the microblog front. The newest of these microblog innovators is Buzzable. Buzzable brings the idea of having your own social network and applies it to microblogging.

Similar to Shout ‘Em, Buzzable is attempting to create mini-social networks on a microblog platform. You can create your own little community for microblogging. They are accessible via the internet, mobile devices and even through widgets.

Buzzable is enabling businesses to create small networks of highly targeted individuals and keep them up to date by the minute. Time sensitive items can be distributed, collaboration can take place and in general it is allowing business the ability to build their own communities for staying informed, without having to create an entire social network.

Buzzable vs. Shout ‘Em

To compare Buzzable directly to Shout ‘Em would be a disservice to them both. Bottom line is this looks like the future of microblogging. Expect to see more of these types of solutions cropping up in the future. Of course, some may go the way of Pownce, but nonetheless it is the direction things are moving.

Buzzables features are not much different than Shout ‘Em -- in the same way that other microblog systems are similar and features and usability are frequently almost the same.

It comes down to matter of preference at this point. But that doesn’t mean once the idea catches on that there won’t be a race to see who can implement the best new features the fastest.

Check out the video below to get the scoop on how Buzzable works:

The Future of Microblogging

Although Ning has not over taken Facebook and Shout ‘Em and Buzzable have yet to damage Twitter…this in no way means that the future of social-ness on the web isn’t found in the niche. With thousands more worldwide on the net every day, eventually things will get so clogged the only choice may be to segment everything down to specific niches and targeted industries.

So keep an eye out, cause times they are a changing. It will be interesting to see what these new services do over the next year or so.