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  • Facebook Acquires Mobile Technologies' Speech Recognition Software

    In what appears to be a move to make the network more accessible, Facebook announced its acquisition of Mobile Technologies, a company that specializes in speech recognition software. A More Connected Facebook Social networking is all about being able to reach people you might not normally connect with, but this

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  • Mobile Enterprise: Mobile Choice, Competition, Innovation

    This week, the mobile enterprise learns how to enhance the mobile experience for consumers, understands the state of the American mobile marketplace and schedules their time on paper. For companies that are using mobile devices to enhance their shopping experience, OpinionLab, the VOC listening solutions provider, has a few

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  • Aprimo Adds SMS, Leverages Power of the Text Message

    You have a lot of tools in your marketing toolbox that allow you to connect with your followers, fans and customers. Yet, when you consider the most popular communication technologies, it isn’t social media or email. It’s mobile messaging.

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