Aprimo Adds SMS, Leverages Power of the Text Message

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Aprimo Adds SMS, Leverages Power of the Text Message
You have a lot of tools in your marketing toolbox that allow you to connect with your followers, fans and customers. Yet, when you consider the most popular communication technologies, it isn’t social media or email. It’s mobile messaging.

Do You Have an SMS Marketing Strategy?

Even if you live in the most remote village, you may not have broadband access, but it’s likely you have access to a mobile phone, where it’s cheaper to send text messages than it is to gain access to the Internet. In fact, 94% of phone owners use SMS to communicate, according to Airwide Solutions, in a November, 2010, ReadWriteMobile article. So why isn’t SMS incorporated into your marketing strategy?

Thanks to the folks at Aprimo, customers can launch SMS campaigns in a few steps -- create, launch, track and measure -- from within their Aprimo Marketing Studio On Demand platform. Now anyone can integrate text messaging (SMS) capabilities into their campaign management offering and be able to track its reach and results.

Quick, Easy, Convenient

SMS marketing doesn’t just make sense because mobile phones are in the hands of more people, but because there may be more opportunities for customer engagement. A text message is quick, easy and often more convenient for the user. Whether it’s coupon codes or emergency information, companies using text messaging are getting necessary information in the hands of their customers when they need it. Additionally, as mobile technologies continue to evolve, your mobile phone can be used to complete many useful transactions -- payments, banking, taxes, and more -- making SMS a viable method of communications.

Learning Opportunities

Lest you think that SMS reverts back to traditional one-way conversations, with SMS you can turn content into conversations by sending more targeted messages to the appropriate audiences. Aprimo says that when open rates, relevance and personalization are key factors, SMS is a powerful tool.

Existing Aprimo customers can begin using the SMS capabilities immediately, which include the ability to: 

  • Run standalone mobile campaigns or integrated multi-channel digital campaigns incorporating SMS
  • Launch both inbound and outbound SMS campaigns
  • Perform segmentation and deliver triggered dialogs based on SMS content history and/or behavior
  • Manage keywords and short codes for interactive marketing to customers and prospects
  • Use customizable templates that can be repurposed on-the-fly for more dynamic, timely campaigns
  • Choose “quick send” to launch a new campaign

By integrating SMS text messaging with other digital marketing efforts, including campaign management tools and audience data, SMS will likely prove to be critical to your comprehensive integrated marketing management (IMM) strategy.

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