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  • reading a story to a baby

    The Power of Storytelling

    In the marketing world, storytelling is powerful — and is also one of the strongest tools for developing lasting relationships with your customers.

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  • conference vendor hall, view from above

    Does Your Conference Booth Work For You?

    Conferences make me nervous. I’m shy and I never feel comfortable in a room full of strangers. But I have to go to conferences. So I developed a new conference game. I go around the room and look at the booths.

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  • person holding a coffee cup and using a phone

    Why Omnichannel Marketing Helps You Build a Better Brand

    Second of a two-part series. Today most of our customers and potential customers connect to the digital world with two or more devices that use multiple touchpoints, from websites to mobile applications. But users don't see these various options as disparate parts.

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  • vintage typewriter

    Why Brands Should Learn to Tell Better Stories

    Part one of a two-part series. The art of engaging with users using your own brand’s story is, appropriately, known as brand storytelling. It shouldn’t be confused with the story of how a brand was established or the hardships you faced when you just started.  Developing Strong Brand Images Instead,

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  • Shop outside of shrine in Lahore

    Narrative Is (Customer) Experience

    When you and your organization create a narrative — intentionally or otherwise — that narrative shapes the choices you make. If you make things, those choices are reflected in your products. If you do things, those choices are reflected in your actions.

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  • what does this cheeseburger say to you?

    Test Your Narrative Strength

    Narratives are systems of beliefs that help you interpret the meaning of things.  So if you want people to buy what you’re selling, it's important that they can interpret the meaning of what you’re offering the same way you do.

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  • underwater, blowing bubbles

    We Don't Care About Your Mission Statement

    Or your manifesto. There was a time when you couldn't put up your website without having a mission statement. Something along the lines of, “We aim to become the the best provider of X in the whole world.”  About a decade later we needed a “purpose.

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  • forrester tech mixer people talking

    When Tech Startups Find Corporate Sugar Daddies, Everyone Wins

    Cutting edge technology startups can be "game-changing partners" for major companies trying to differentiate themselves from the competition. Steven Peltzman, chief business technology officer for Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research, shared those thoughts in an interview with CMSWire following his company's twice-a-year Tech Mixer. A former CIO, Peltzman's organization often

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  • seeing the light

    What's the Big Deal About Digital Experience? [Video]

    If you're still dragging your heels on digital transformation, let me tell you a story.  Back in the mid-1980s, when I was working at a major city daily newspaper, someone brought up the emerging threat from this thing called the Internet. Almost everyone in the room laughed.

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  • deb lavoy

    Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Story #DXS15

    Deb Lavoy, CEO and founder of Narrative Builders, thinks good storytelling is a key element of marketing success. Without a narrative that reflects what your organization does, you'll struggle to align your teams around a common objective, attract and inspire investors, and ultimately, provide a unified business strategy, she contends.

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  • Is Your Narrative Telling The Right Story? #DXS15

    CHICAGO — Chief Executive Officers are not listening to their Chief Marketing Officers. And as a result, many organizations are struggling to develop effective narratives for their marketing campaigns. The solution? Get back to basics. Step off the marketing treadmill and start with a good narrative.

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  • light and shadows

    Narrative Strategy Tames Digital Experience Chaos #DXS15

    If you are building out a digital experience, chances are you have two fat challenges. One is technology — a lot of technology that doesn’t always work together the way you think it should and hoped it would. The other is content. You need good quality content that is relevant.

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  • Al Leach, MMI

    Al Leach to Brands in Crisis: Leave Self-Interest Behind

    By the time an SOS has gone out to PR and communications ace Al Leach to summon his formidable crisis management skills, chances are the desperate company sending that frantic Mayday call has probably come to disagree with P.T. Barnum’s famous belief that “there is no bad publicity.

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  • Determined girl soccer players

    American Women and Nike: A Soccer Narrative

    Narratives matter to brands. How you construct and convey your narrative has a profound effect on how people assign meaning and value to your products, and, of course, the likelihood that they will buy them.

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