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  • 'Work Like a Network' Isn't Rocket Science, It's People

    Your personal network, your social network(s), your corporate network, your neural network … you can’t swing a cat these days without hitting a network (Note : no cats were harmed in the writing of this column). And then Microsoft uses the phrase “work like a network.

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  • Dave Gray on Work Like a Network and the Role of Hierarchies

    Dave Gray on Work Like a Network and the Role of Hierarchies

    It's been two years since Dave Gray published "The Connected Company " with Thomas Vander Wal. Since then, the disruptions to the marketplace noted in the book have only accelerated. But companies are still struggling to keep pace.

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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam: Work Like a Network #SocBizChat

    It sounds good in theory: "work like a network." But what does this look like in real life? What changes does this style of work require from companies and are companies (and employees) willing to make the changes? Find out in this week's Tweet Jam.

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  • Connected Enterprises Provide Better Customer Service

    Networking your organization -- making it more agile, more enabled and more responsive -- makes a ton of sense from a practical perspective. From an operational perspective, however, it is much more difficult. Microsoft introduced the catch phrase of “working like a network” through a video for its enterprise social offering. But “working like a network”

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  • Social Networks Scale When Will Social Tools

    Social Networks Scale, When Will Social Tools?

    The Rippling Out of Networks  Consider how you operate at work. Perhaps you are a creative, a graphic designer in a large agency.

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  • Forget Community Social is Now a Commodity

    Forget Community - 'Social' is Now a Commodity

    The ESN crickets have been chirping for some time, because corporate social networking software is now a commodity, not a community. Disappearing are the days of hoping for ideation, serendipitous discovery, executive dialogue with worker-bees, and earning millions of dollars from new product ideas gleaned from conversations.

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  • Fast Flexible Innovative Why Networks Thrive

    Fast, Flexible, Innovative: Why Networks Thrive

    Why does this man born more than a hundred years ago make a difference to you now, sitting in your cubicle or reading on your tablet? Because LvB originated general systems theory that demonstrates why thinking holistically is critical to surviving and thriving and why reductionist perspectives lead to extinction.

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  • The 3 Most Damaging Enterprise Social Network Myths

    The 3 Most Damaging Enterprise Social Network Myths

    It’s the summer of 2014 and enterprise social networks are as hot in the market as they were a year ago. But there remain a handful of persistent myths and half-truths that organizations still encounter on the path to “working like a network.

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  • When 'Work Like a Network' Won't Work

    Hierarchy has become the bogeyman of the "future of work" movement. Listen to some commentators, and it sounds as if the honest worker in the corporation is being oppressed by power-crazed managers, hoarding information like Gollum with a hangover.

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  • Business Relies on the Strength of Networks

    Business Relies on the Strength of Networks

    A hierarchy of managers made sure that plans were followed and executed. The role of management was to execute the business model as efficiently as possible, focusing on cutting cost in order to increase market share through competitive pricing and increase profits and returns to shareholders.

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  • The Barriers to Working like a Network in Office 365

    The Barriers to Working like a Network in Office 365

    Microsoft is heavily promoting the idea of working like a network -- connecting to people across geography and time to collaborate. This comes as no surprise given the heavy investment in technology Microsoft has made in products that connect people together in social networks.

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