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  • WEM Fundamentals: Best Practices for Social Engagement

    There is no shortage of means for engaging in the social media landscape, and engage we must, goes the current industry imperative. But best practices are in short supply. Here are some guiding thoughts as we pick our way through the social engagement  woods.

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  • Acquia Update: Network Services and Drupal Certification

    Acquia presented at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston last week, and Jeff Whatcott, who manned the Acquia stand, writes in a blog entry that most of the corporate types swinging past his booth had no idea what Drupal was. Acquia's mission, or course, is about changing all that, and making the open source Social Publishing (... as they insist on calling it...) platform a viable Enterprise content management/community product. If you remember, the company told us at Drupalcon Boston in March how they intend to achieve that.

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