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    Can You Deliver Good CX With Old Infrastructure?

    The IT department shouldn't have to worry about the state of its network’s infrastructure, a storage systems company executive told me just yesterday.

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  • HP Admits Defeat, Acquires Competitor Aruba Networks

    HP today announced its intention to purchase Aruba Networks, its key competitor in the emerging field of wireless network manageability for smaller businesses, in an all-cash transaction deal valued at $3 billion in equity.

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  • IBM Finally Builds a Solid Cloud Platform IBMInterConnect

    IBM Finally Builds a Solid Cloud Platform #IBMInterConnect

    After nearly two years of attempting to redefine “cloud” to mean “the hodgepodge of services IBM has cobbled together,” IBM this week put forward a clear and respectable vision of a viable software-defined data center that organizations can actually, finally put to use.

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  • 8 Tech Trends You Need To Know

    Digital. Analytics. The cloud. The renaissance of core systems. The changing role of IT within the enterprise. What do they have in common? They're the five macro forces that continue to drive enormous transformation, according to Deloitte’s recently released sixth Technology Trends report.

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  • Embracing Change in the Digital Workplace

    Embracing Change in the Digital Workplace

    Today we begin a new beat here at CMSWire: software-defined systems.  I know. Your marketing buzzword alarm has just sounded, and you may be wondering just how quickly you can reach for the Back button.  But follow me a moment.

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