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  • Big Data Forget the Size Focus on Value GigaOmLive

    Big Data: Forget the Size, Focus on Value #GigaOmLive

    Two years ago, no one seemed to know what to do with big data.  Now, vendors are offering solutions that are intuitive enough to provide real business value, enable even non-data scientists to perform real analysis and have ushered in a new era of novel applications like data-driven design.

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  • Big Data Crawls Out of the Trough in 2014 GigaOmLive

    Big Data Crawls Out of the Trough in 2014 #GigaOmLive

    If you’ve followed the big data hype long enough, you know that every year -- since 2011 -- was supposed to be big data’s big year. And that at the end of every year since, the pundits have said “It didn’t happen this year. Next year will be big data’s

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  • Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure?

    We've been seeking enterprise 2.0 and social business for several years now with some notable success, but still quite a lot of “vague” and some level of fatigue.

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  • How Social Business Turns The Enterprise Inside Out

    Being a social business is about unleashing creativity and encouraging engagement both within your organization and between you and your customers/citizens and your partners. It can’t just be equated with deploying social media inside your organization or polling your customers’ opinions via Facebook.

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  • Social Employees Add Enterprise Value #DataConf

    True or False? Talking about the Jersey Shore over your company’s social network adds value to the enterprise. To many, this might seem like a ridiculous question.

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  • Data is the New Oil

    Session retrospective from GigaOM’s Structure Conference If you haven’t yet heard anyone say that “data is the new oil,” then you will pretty soon. Companies as varied as PayPal, Human Genome Sciences, IBM and Match.

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  • W3C Releases Updated DIAL Working Draft

    The W3C has released an updated draft of the Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL). This document will provide a uniform markup language for filtering and presenting Web content across various delivery contexts. DIAL is based on standard W3C CSS modules and XML vocabularies, which lend a logical architecture for webpage

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