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  • Web Content: Simple is Better

    When it comes to website copywriting, design and development, simple is always better. It makes it easier for online visitors to: Answer basic questions, starting with “Am I at the right place?” Absorb and digest key messages Fulfill a desired course of action, e.g. subscribe, purchase, etc.

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  • Your Website Can Thrive in a Recession

    Properly managed, your website is the most cost-effective environment in which your customers can complete their tasks. While U.S. retail sales grew just 2 percent in the first nine months of 2008, ecommerce sales grew by 8 percent, according to a JPMorgan analyst.

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  • Don't Design 'What If' Navigation

    Every time you add navigation options you add confusion and complexity. Too much choice is the bane of web navigation.I just got a new satellite navigation system for my car. Last weekend I was driving from Dublin to Galway. "Hi, I'm Navvy your friendly new navigation assistant.

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