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Dr. Michael Wu is the Chief AI Strategist at PROS (NYSE: PRO), where he helps companies survive and thrive in the modern digital economy through the use of big data, machine learning, and AI. Prior to PROS, Wu served for a decade as the Chief Scientist at Lithium, focusing on developing predictive and prescriptive algorithms to extract insights from social big data. His research spans many areas, including customer experience, CRM, online influence, gamification, digital transformation, AI, etc. His R&D won him the recognition as an Influential Leader by CRM Magazine along with Mark Zuckerberg and other industry giants.

Wu has served as a DOE fellow at the Los Alamos National Lab conducting research in face recognition and was awarded four years of full fellowship under the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. Prior to industry, Wu received his triple major undergraduate degree in applied math, physics and molecular and cell biology; and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s Biophysics program, where he used machine learning to model visual processing within the human brain. Wu believes in knowledge dissemination, and speaks internationally at universities, conferences, and enterprises. His experiences and insights have inspired many global enterprises and are made accessible through “The Science of Social,” and “The Science of Social 2” — two easy-reading e-books.

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