IBM introduced new high-speed analysis and criminal investigation software yesterday that is based on multi-dimensional analysis and can scale to almost any level the user needs.

Called IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis, the application is designed to find "non-obvious relationships" buried within a corporation's IT — an environment typified by hundreds of terabytes of data and trillions of objects.

The Problem

Current security applications do well when dealing with one-dimensional attacks or issues, IBM VP of Innovation Bernie Meyerson told CMSWire. But that isn't how hackers attack corporations and financial institutions.

On any given day a company will be dealing with various threats at diverse points of the IT system, he explains. "The real trick is to glean intelligence out of what you are seeing," Meyerson says. In short, corporations and their security apparatus need to able to make sense of a disparate set of actions on a daily basis, in real time, to keep their databases safe.

The platform can run automated analytics and parallel queries in the background across hundreds of terabytes of raw data — currently the system is set at 150 terabytes, which Meyerson calls "unheard of" but it can be adjusted upward to handle greater volumes — and spit out results in seconds.

The system uses an automated identity resolution and recommendation engine to send out an alert when new information is available or if data points have changed. It also features three-dimensional analytics — geo-spatial, relationship and temporal — for visual results.

New Approaches

It is a new approach to security based on big data techniques. IBM, though, is hardly the only vendor to recognize that current security applications and techniques are not standing firm against hack attacks. One only has to look at the breaches experienced at Home Depot, Target and others to understand that.

Another example is Risk I/O, a vulnerability threat management platform that recently secured an additional $4.5 million as part of its Series A financing round, bringing the company’s total raised to $10.5 million.

The financing was led by existing investor Costanoa Venture Capital, with participation from current investors U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), Tugboat Ventures and Hyde Park Angels.

Risk I/O has approached the cyber security with big data, processing more than 2.5 billion security vulnerabilities via its SaaS platform.  The platform matches vulnerability scan data with Internet breach traffic from threat intelligence feeds to determine where the next attack might come.

This proactive approach is the only way to fend off hackers, the company's newly-appointed CEO Karim Toubba told CMSWire. "Our investors understand that; so do our clients."