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If the entire Internet could be personified, at this point we’re sure it would politely ask for a beverage and any and all ways to further adjust itself to support the current social media craze. Fully aware of this circumstance, NuConomy, a San Francisco-based company initially founded is Israel, officially released their Web analytics platform specifically built for the social Web and the next generation. Designed with social media in mind, the new platform can track and measure the social elements of digital media including those built in Flash, AJAX and Silverlight in addition to the aspects of traditional analytics like page views and unique visitors. Given this kind of knowledge, users will finally be able to attach behavior to numbers (comments, ratings, video plays, sharing links, purchases, etc.) on a unique visitor level. Such specific information will allow them to see patters that would have otherwise been buried under tons of data in addition to cultivating relationships and brand interactions, optimizing social media programs, and better monetizing ads and e-commerce offerings.

Really Get to Know Your Consumers

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NuConomy concept of measuring the combined value of the consumption and creation of content at an individual user level

The new above-and-beyond-the-page-view approach to analytics promises to help publishers, advertisers and users better understand and act on social marketing performance and community engagement. Through the continuous monitoring of every aspect of site traffic and user behavior, NuConomy’s analytics platform is able to highlight whichever aspects are getting the most attention from unique visitors. These insights are then made available onsite or via email/RSS feed. Convenient, right? Additionally, NuConomy’s new platform builds rich behavioral profiles, or interest maps, for each user, and offers a two-way API that dynamically changes sites based on current metrics and insights. This means you can track exactly who is posting comments or sharing music recommendations on top of pushing specific content relevant to a user's interests.

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media!

It doesn't look like social media sites like YouTube are going anywhere, and with browsers like Flock and domain registrars like GoDaddy adjusting to fit into the booming niche, it's no surprise the NuConomy has done the same with Web analytics. If you feel so inclined, NuConomy's next generation platform is being offered for free and you can join beta by going here.